Online Router Configuration

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Router Configurations for Easy Accessibility of Internet


A good IT infrastructure needs to have an array of systems working at efficient level. The internet connectivity should be of good strength and there should be no frequent weakness in the internet signal strength, as most of the time we have witnessed it at our home and office network.

The device that plays a crucial role for connecting your computer to internet is router. There are predominantly two types of routers in use; one is wired router and another one is wireless router. It is all your configuration and installation of the router, which is responsible for the good signal strength and speed of internet connection. Here, you have to follow different steps to get through the process of router installation and get access to the internet connection.

Material Required

The materials required for installation are router, network adaptor, internet modem, resource CD, network (Ethernet) cable, and at least one computer of the network with web browser.

Router Installation

First and foremost, chose the appropriate place, where you are comfortable to carry out all your work. Once you are sure with the place, then, go ahead with the following highlighted steps.

  • Connect the power source to your router and switch on the router by pressing the power source.
  • Connect your router with the internet modem and make sure that your router recognizes the modem.
  • Make the use of network cable and connect your computer with the router. You have to follow this step, even though you are opting to have wireless connection. Once the installation process is complete, you can switch over to wireless connection.
  • Open the web browser of your computer that is connected to router; and make sure that it is enabled with ActiveX, Java Script, and Java programs. Now, go to the home page of your router’s model by locating the web address from your documentation. In most of the cases the web address is or or
  • The home page of your router will ask for user id and password that you can trace it out from your documentation. In most of the cases the user name is “admin” and password is “password”.
  • Now, you have to fill the internet connection information, which could be PPPoE user name and password (in case of DSL Internet); and static IP address (as static IP field given to you by your service provider).
  • If you are looking to add more computers to your network, then, make sure that SSID (Network Name) of the every computer matches with the router. You can also connect your Tablet, TV, Video Games Consoles, and iPhone to the router network. Here, wireless router is efficient and easy to manage, as there is no mesh up of the wired network.

Further to add, you should change your default password of your router with strong password, containing mixture of letters, numeric digits, and symbol; so that no intruder could get access to your network. If you come across any difficulty in router installation, you can contact professional service provider “Hyadea” for immediate support and troubleshooting the issue. Now, I hope you are well versed with router and the role it plays in the easy accessibility of internet.