Online Data Backup

In this regards, Globe Technotonics llc. is well known for providing specialized online computer support. You will find round-the-clock online chat; you can also call through phone, and get unlimited answer to all your queries and issues.

Online Backup for Digital Assets

The security of data holds prime importance for every individual, enterprises, and businesses at large. There is an effort made by everyone to keep the back up of data, so that whenever and wherever the requirement arises; the saved data can be used for profitable gain.


Now, when the backup of the data holds immense value; there are several trends emerging for the safe and quick backup of the user data. In this regards, online backup is gaining huge popularity, as it is highly comfortable, easy to process, and the user can easily get access to the vital data whenever and wherever the requirement arises. The main advantage of online backup is that if your PC is damaged, hard drive is crashed, or there is any catastrophic event like fire, flood, or earthquake that destroys your computers; your data and personalized information is still securely present at online backup. Further to add, accidental spilling of coffee on the laptop and eventual loss of photos, personalized document, and music is securely protected over cloud and you can gain access to it whenever you desire.

Professional Services

Here, it is great to take the assistance of professional service provider like Globe Technotonics llc. for the safe and secure storage of your data over cloud.
Here, the noteworthy features are illustrated as follows:
  • The backup provided is affordable, easy, secure, reliable, and fast.
  • The online backup is provided to your personalized information like financial document, business document, customer records, contracts, invoices, and other digital assets like photos, videos, music, etc.
  • It is linked to several businesses who own a data center.
  • There are certified professionals to support your online backup and ensure that you get recovery of your data at high speed.
  • It is your one stop solution for carrying out your backup for pictures, connected devices, Androids, PCs and Laptops.
  • There is instant troubleshooting of any issue that rises for your online backup.
  • The technician comes with years of experience in the relevant field.
  • There is secure and automatic storage for all your personalized information.
  • There is an easy recovery of data in case of accidental loss.
  • There is a latest SSL encryption, this encryption of data ensures that you only get access to your personalized data.
  • Globe Technotonics llc. employs innovative cloud based solutions to protect your inimitable digital assets.


A plug-in is installed on the interface of your cPanel and the activated icon will allow you to restore your data by making an easy access. Globe Technotonics llc. will restore your MSSQL or MySQL database; and involves updated technologies like cross platform functionality, data migration, bandwidth throttling, open file backup, file versioning, block level incremental backups, high level encryption and data compression, web based restore and access, multicomputer backup, and automatic online backup. Further to add, Globe Technotonics llc. has assisted many of the small businesses with its powerful and reliable cloud based solutions that sharply cuts down the cost – involved in infrastructure development, server installation, etc.s