HP Printers – Mobile Printing Solutions Compatible with HP Printers

This document is for HP printers that support wireless or cloud printing (ePrint/AirPrint) from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

HP ePrint: Hp ePrint service is a cloud based service which allows your mobile device like smartphone and table to print from anywhere that you have internet access. You can set up your web enable printer with HP ePrint and print from any mobile device that have an active internet access. To print with HP ePrint service, you just need to email the document and the photo you want to print directly to your printer.
HP ePrint app: HP ePrint apps allows you to print photos, documents, web pages and emails all through the app. You can also print from cloud services like Dropbox and google drive from any location. Connect your printer to the network and download the app and start printing today.
HP All-in-One Printer Remote app: If your mobile device is connected to the internet and HP eprint is enabled on the printer, you can print documents and photos, capture images or pages that you can print, or scan document on your pritner and save it to your mobile device.
HP wireless direct: Use a direct wireless connection between your printer and laptop or mobile device to print.
Apple AirPrint: Allows you to print from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the printer which is connected to the same wifi. To print select the action icon to the printer and start printing.
Wi-Fi Direct: Wi-Fi Direct provides a direct wireless connection to your HP printer without joining a local network or connecting to the Internet. The technology is similar to Bluetooth, but uses Wi-Fi to work at greater distances and faster speeds.
To connect you HP printer to your mobile device download and install HP ePrint/Airprint software in your mobile device and start using the fastest and the samrtest way of printing. For more support and assistance, please contact 1-888-502-0552.

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