computer optimization

optimization is a procedure in which we do the cleaning and repairing of a computer to make it working faster with better performance.

Steps through which we Optimize the system and make it faster:

1-Remove Unnecessary Startup Programs.
A programme should not be running when it is not in Use, So we stop the programmes from the System configuration part of the Operation System .

2-Uninstall Unused Programs.
A Programme which is not required for the User of the Computer gets Uninstalled in this procedure , which gives you more Space in the Computer and that makes the computer faster.

3-Do a cleanup of Junk Files and Unwanted files.
The files which are not usefull For the user gets cleared and removed.
from the memory From such Folders :
A- Temp
B- Prefetch
C- %temp%.

4-Run Cleaner
A Compatible Cleaner cleans the unwanted files from the virtual memory and it can delete temporary or potentially unwanted files left by certain programs including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari,Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar etc.
The best suggested Cleaner is CCleaner.

5-Run an Antivirus
A computer should always remain safe and healthy ,so to make Sure that you are using a safe computer always stay protected from viruses by Running a compatible Antivirus Regularly.
The best suggested antivirus for a Windows computer is Microsoft security Essentials.

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